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Where is the DermEden brand from?

Laboratoires DermEden is a 100% French dermocosmetic brand. Laboratoires DERMEDEN work is based upon advanced dermatological research. Its formulas contain agents that have proven their efficacy for many years. The products are very pleasant to use daily, and they combine the effects of several different creams. For example, the DermEden day creams have a 3 in 1 action: anti-ageing day cream, SPF 50+ and anti-pigment cream. 

Who founded Laboratoires DermEden?

Laboratoires DermEden was founded in 2008 as the result of the meeting of a French dermatologist specialized in anti-ageing and a business developer from the dermo-cosmetic sector. Laboratoires DERMEDEN work is based upon advanced dermatological research. Its formulas contain agents that have proven their efficacy for many years.

How is the DermEden brand different from the others?

It is the very first brand expert in Photo-aging (sun-induced skin damage or photo-damage). This range offers all-in-one daily face care including in a day cream, anti-wrinkle, anti-brown spots and the highest sun protection. All the DermEden products (beside the Total Cleanser) contain anti-pigment active agents, especially Night Protocole products that contain very high concentration of anti-wrinkle and anti-brown spots agents. 

In which countries can we find Laboratoires DermEden products?

Laboratoires DermEden products are present in Asia (Vietnam, Taiwan), MEA (Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Lebanon,Qatar, Kuwait and Iran), E.U., Morocco, French speaking Africa and West Indies.

What is the DD Cream?

The DD Cream is a true innovation from Laboratoires DermEden, it was the 1st DD cream launched in Europe. The DD Cream, Daily Defense Cream, is a new generation of beauty care, which hydrates, corrects and unifies in a single move. It protects the skin from all daily aggressions: pollution, free radicals and UVs. Truly, an intense exposure to the sun can provoke serious skin damages. But the synthesis of Vitamin D, also called the “sun vitamin”, essential for the skin, requires exposure to the sun.

This formula, specifically elaborated to respect the nature of all skins, contains a revolutionary ingredient, which acts like Vitamin D at the skin level and helps to fight against vitamin D deficiency by increasing the quantity of Vitamin D receptors located in the skin. Vitamin D-like active agent also increases the hydration of the skin and reinforces its natural barrier.

This universal cream, whose micro-encapsulated pigments adjust to any skin carnation, can be applied all year long.

How does your DD (Daily Defense) protocol compare with the BB protocols (Beauty Balm) now present in the USA?

Our DD Creams do not really compare to these BB protocols.

But our Day protocol Tinted cream could be assimilated to a BB cream: covering/concealing function, hydrating, anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle and very high UVA/ UVB protection -> BB creams generally don’t have all these functions… they usually are tinted day creams with a light solar protection. Our tinted Day Cream can seem similar to a BB cream in terms of how it looks when applied, but it goes much beyond in terms of active ingredients for UV protection.

Compared to BB creams, our DD creams present 2 major differences:

1.    TEXTURE: Our DD creams present the specificity to have an “adjustable tint” also called universal to its micro-encapsulated pigments contained in the cream, which are liberated when the cream is applied: the more you massage the cream on your face, the more the tint will adapt to your carnation while BB cream have a predefined tint which does not change -> our tint doesn’t cover more or better but adjusts to the color of the skin regardless of its carnation. Thus our DD creams present a function less covering / less foundation and thereby a lighter and more pleasant texture on the face.

2.    FUNCTION:  The DD cream follows the concept Day Protocol of a 3 in 1 hydrating day cream: anti-brown spots, anti-wrinkles, UVA/UVB protection + active ingredient « Vitamin D-like » and the micro-encapsulated pigments. The « Vitamin-D like » will reinforce the hydrating as well as the natural skin barrier function, and will stimulate Vitamin D receptors for a better synthesis.

Our DD creams hold a true skin protection action: to keep the best of what the sun can provide us with (vit D) while offering an optimum protection against its negative effects (premature ageing, brown spots, rosaceous, loss of elasticity…)

In brief, our DD creams answer directly to the following paradox: « protect the skin from the effect of the sun in order to avoid premature ageing » while « helping the skin to better synthesize Vit D which is essential for its good health » (hydration, cutaneous barrier reinforcement).

How do you compare your DD Protocole to the CC Cream?

CC stands for Correction color or Color Control. They are suited for skins with pigmentation issues, they unify the skin tone by masking the dark marks and red spots. The DD (Daily Defense) creams are meant to protect the skin. The tinted version will mask the dark marks and red spots, but it provides a very high protection against UVs damages, and has a stronger hydrating and anti-aging properties.

Do you / Will you have a cream for the neck and throat?

All our creams within the Day Protocol line and the Night Protocol line can be applied on the neck, the throat and the décolleté. Similarly, the Repair cream and Arnica + within the Day & Night protocol line can also be used on these parts, as the total cleanser to remove all filter residues coming from the DermEden day creams.

Why no Day Cream without SPF? (for skin with acne tendencies)

Since the key concept of our brand being to protect skin from photo ageing, we have decided not to commercialize a Day Cream without UVA/UVB protection because for us this protection is essential and must be applied every day in order to preserve the youth and good health of your skin, whatever the period of the year or the region.

Within our Day Protocol line, we offer the Day Protocol Cream normal and oily skin which is formulated specifically for skin with acne tendencies (non-oily and non comedogenic texture). Dioïc acid and Azelaïc acid present in this cream both provide anti-seborrhea activity. Besides, the sun can worsen the acne because it thickens the skin and blocks the pores, so skin with acne tendencies have to protect from the sun.

In addition, our Night protocol Face Cream also provides anti-seborrhea activity but is exclusively indicated for a night use because its ingredients and acids can be photo sensitizing.

The Night Protocol Intense Anti-Aging Serum can induce a « tingling » effect on the skin when applied, why? and does this recede with the use ?

Contrarily to the Night Cream which is very active, the Serum has never presented with tingling cases. It could be due to intolerance of your skin as its PH is quite low because of the hydroxy-acids. In this case stop using it ….

Does Laboratoires DermEden conduct product tests on animals?

No, it is forbidden by the European regulations since 2004.

What are Laboratoires DermEden top 5 best sellers?

#1 - DD cream SPF50+
#2 - DD cream SPF25 (I would say Tinted which is #2 in MEA and DD SPF25
         might be not a best seller in your area)
#3 - Night Protocol Anti-Aging Face
#4 - D&N Protocol Hands protection
#5 - Day Protocol Anti-Age Day Cream normal and oily combination skin

Can I use the Day Protocol creams in lieu of my sun cream?

Yes, you can use the Day Protocole creams in lieu of your usual sun cream as they have a very high sun protection of SPF50+ (only lower for the DD cream SPF 25). It is however recommended, and this applies to all sun protection creams from all brands, to reapply the cream on the part of the body you would like to protect each 2 hours as sun filters start to lose their efficiency after 2 hours of direct sun exposure.

But, we recommend to only use our Day Protocol creams on the face, neck and décolleté (bust) because of the price/liter which is quite high compared to a basic sun protection. Remember that our Day Protocol creams are especially formulated for an application directly on the face which has a more sensitive skin than other parts of the body, and which is more exposed to the external aggressions.

Depending on the type of your skin (oily with sebum, dry or normal), you better use the adapted product in our range.

Can I use your DD cream together with my sun cream? And how should I do?

Generally, it is not recommended to use two sun creams together at the same time as their ingredients might not match well together and may bring you to an allergic reaction.

It is better to only use our DD cream SPF 50+ alone (or any other Day Protocol SPF50+ creams) if you need a very high sun protection or to use our DD cream SPF25 alone if you need a low sun protection.

Can I use the Night Protocol products during daytime also?

No, it is not recommended, the Night Protocol products are exclusively indicated for a night use because its ingredients and acids can be photo sensitizing..

However, you can use the Night Protocol Serum if you want to have a strong anti-brown spot and anti-wrinkle action on your skin even during day time but it is highly recommended to apply our Day Protocol SPF50+ or DD SPF50+ cream right after using the Serum. Applying the Night Protocol cream or Night Protocol Eye contour before adding a sun protection cream might bring an unpleasant sticky texture on your face so we do not recommend to use these two products for day time but rather to use directly alone our Day Protocol products.

On who exactly is it best to use the Arnica + cream, and how?

Our Day & Night Protocol Arnica+ products are indicated for pre and post dermo-aesthetic acts (injection, laser, peeling…) to prevent swellings and bruises and reduce post-traumatic pigmentation. Also, Arnica+ product can be useful for people who have some contusions and slight injuries. Moreover, elderly people will find it useful because they are subjected to spontaneous hematoma that can be decreased by our Arnica+ product.

In case of dermo-aesthetic acts you can start applying the cream 2 or 3 days prior to the act, and keep using it for 7 days or more. The cream can be applied twice a day, in fact the more you apply it the better the effect. After the change of eventual dressing of the area concerned, reapply some cream.

On contusions, slight injuries, spontaneous hematoma, apply on the area at least twice per day for 4 days or more.

What are the key aging factors for the skin?

Smoking and sun are the 2 key factors to skin aging. Tobacco is skin’s worse enemy; the ideal is to stop smoking if you have the courage and the will; if not you should still try to reduce your consumption as much as possible. To protect you from the sun, a good sun cream with strong UV filters is amply enough. But you have to understand that the skin repairs itself during the night: the serum action is amplified when it is applied before going to bed on a clean and dry skin, after removing any make-up (mandatory).

Anti wrinkle: from what age?

Doctors don’t give a precise age to that question …. Because there is none! The first signs of skin ageing are rather the dark marks or spots, more so than the wrinkles. Classically wrinkles start to appear around the age of 40. You can start the anti-wrinkle treatment when you feel the need and desire.

What is the difference between a cream and a serum?

While a cream constitutes of protective a barrier and has a function of rehydrating the skin, the serum is a care highly concentrated in active ingredients which go deeper into the epidermis – twice as deep as a cream – and which allow to treat a specific problem: wrinkles, dark marks, redness, dry skin, loss of elasticity or glow … and sometime even over a specific area: lips or eye contour. Generally, a serum is characterized by a silky texture, fine and very fluid, which favors the diffusion of active ingredients within the deepest epidermis layers and thus boosts their efficacy. Very light and quickly absorbed, these products are in addition very nice to apply as they do not obstruct pores or leave any oily film. If you use a Serum and a cream, the Serum must be applied first, 5 mn before the cream.

Cream or Serum?

If a serum is a key ally to reinforce the day or night skin care action, it cannot be the substitute of a cream and in particular of a day cream. Many experts insist: “better a cream without a serum than a serum without a cream!” The choice of a serum will depend on your skin type, but even more so on what you want to achieve: reduce wrinkles, fight dark marks, reduce pores, recover your glowing aspect … That said, before 30 years of age, this type of product should only be used on a punctual basis.

How soon can we expect to see the improvements?

If you can observe some positive signs within 1 or 2 months (28 days being the skin cell renewal time) it is important to keep in mind that the full benefits will be reached over a longer period of time. In addition, the DermEden products are not only treatments against visible signs of ageing, they also have a preventing effect: the apparition of wrinkles and brown spots will be very slowed by the sun protection.

What is special about your Complete Face Cleanser?

This cleanser is specially formulated for the proper removal of not only make-up and impurities but also UV filters contained in the day cream. Failing to remove completely the barrier that protects your skin during the day can lead to clogged pores at night and could prevent the active ingredients in your night Serum and/or Cream from doing their job properly.

Itching and Stretch Marks (pregnancy, puberty, repeated changes in body weight…)

As your belly or another part of your body grows, you may start to experience some itchy sensations as your skin stretches; you might also notice stretch marks taking over that could be quite difficult or even impossible to get rid of. This anti stretch-marks treatment works especially to keep your skin elastic, preventing the appearance of stretch-marks. However, as it is highly concentrated in Retinol (the most concentrated product in the market), usage of this product by pregnant women is not advised, so it is better to use it after giving birth.

(Ne pas trop insister sur l’utilisation du produit par les femmes enceintes étant donné sa concentration en Rétinol. Ce n’est pas prouvé qu’il y ait une incidence directe sur le fœtus mais par précaution on préfère ne plus le conseiller.)

Hands Cream

Hands are this part of the body where the real age of a person can be seen most easily. Hands are subject to every possible physical and chemical aggression throughout life, they need to be protected on an everyday basis. DermEden Hands Cream will help your hands fight against dehydration, ageing and appearance of brown spots, while leaving a silky and non-greasy protective film. DermEden Hands Cream also provides and antibacterial action.

Why should I use an Eye Care?

Most women skip eye care when this is the area that should be cared for the most. The first signs of aging and fine lines often appear around the eye contour. The power of Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant and anti-aging ingredient, is what makes this eye cream effective. Make this intense eye treatment part of your bedtime routine and say goodbye to puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.